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Which documents to check before buying agricultural land?

Which Documents To Check Before Buying Agricultural Land ?

Which Documents To Check Before Buying Agricultural Land In India ?

If you’re thinking about buying agricultural land in real estate, it’s important to check the land’s documents carefully. 

There are a number of reasons why it is important to have accurate and up-to-date farm land’s documents.

In some cases, these documents may be the only evidence that you have for your ownership or occupancy of the land. They can also be used to prove your ownership or occupancy in the event of a dispute.

Lenders will often require some proof of ownership or occupancy before they extend a loan. In some cases, the agricultural land documents may be the only collateral that the lender will require.

There is more, But now lets see which document to check while buying agricultural land :

  1. Registry Of Land

  2. 7/12 of Land 

  3. Gao Naksha (From patwari)

  4. 8 अ Gao Namuna

  5. Pher-Phar Panji (Mutation cert.)

  6. Adhikar Abhilekh (1954 Record)

  7. Title Search Report

  1. Registry Of Land

    Land registration is a process through which ownership records are being made. This helps to maintain land ownership records for the government to protect land ownership and to prevent land ownership disputes.

  2. 7/12 of Land

    The 7/12 extract is also known as Saat Baara Utara, Record of Land Rights. The 7/12 extract or Utara is an extract from that land register and includes complete information about agricultural land in a rural area of Maharashtra.

    7/12 Utara serves as proof of ownership of the land.

  3. Gao Naksha (From patwari)

    Gao Naksha is also an important document. It helps you to navigate to understand the border of land. Not only that, what is available in East, West, North, South direction.

    Like someone else’s land, maybe forest, etc. You can get this document with the help of Patwari.

  4. 8 अ (Gao Namuna Certificate)

    With the help of Gao Namuna you will get the latest update of your land. For example what kind of crops are available on this, what is the speciality of that agriculture land, fertility of agricultural land. Basically an overall history.

    This kind of information helps you for the future. So that you can grow your own product.

  5. Pher-Phar Panji (Mutation cert.)

    Mutation Certificate or pher-phar Panji documents helps you to understand the ownership of land. Example : If someone had bought this land and the person who bought the land is no more. So is that land passed on to his family members.

    Means complete journey of ownership of that agricultural land in the family.

  6. Adhikar Abhilekh (1954 Record)

    Adhikar Abhilekh is the document used to get complete information of the journey of ownership of that land from 1954 to present year.
    You can also say that it is 7/12 of 1954.

  7. Title Search Report

    Title Search Report is developed by an advocate. In the report, different types of information are added like complete ownership, transaction, etc. 

    The title search report document is well structured, developed by advocates by their own research. For example they may add complete information  when the 1st owner bought the land and then he sold it to someone.

    This process goes on until you. So they may add such information.

    Similarly the transactions like when an owner buys the land and then sells it to someone else with that cost and pricing

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